Sunday, 12 May 2013

Truth Hurts........The Gospel is Offensive To Many Even Some Christians.....

what a world we live in where the world gets offended when one speaks the Gospel and shares Jesus......but yet who cares about offending the Christians...society has got so concerned and worried about offending people when it comes to religion but yet what do they do ....they allow other religions but yet not Christianity....... Its ok to preach and share a Buddhist belief, its ok to preach and teach Islam beleafs its ok to teach our kids nihilism, but we can`t share Christianity it will offend the other religions...... it seems to be ok to teach eastern religions and new age garbage , its ok to say God isnt long as its anything  but the Truth because when one shares the Truth we long as we don't preach or teach Jesus of the bible, but if we do we're being even some try and quote scripture not to offend our brother......well I`m sorry if you preach another Gospel and praise a man made God with some false religion your not my brother or sister in Christ now are NO I WILL STILL PREACH the Gospel.... society has turned so far away from God and then the world sits there wondering why there is sooooo much chaos in the world....

  Well guess what the Gospel is offensive...... because people want to live in a world of pleasure a world that has no rights or wrongs......they want to do what they want to do regardless what the Bible says.........hence why many churches just preach the `feel good sermons`watered down Gospel.....some go on saying because God is a loving and a merciful God, He won't allow anyone to go to hell..... then they even quote scriptures out of context and pick a select few to grab onto to justify their actions......but yet ignore the rest of the Bible..... Well the thing is Its not what we say is right and wrong its what God says is right and wrong!!!!

   If I offend you because I preach Jesus, and share the Gospel well its like this .....people who say there is no God offends us as Christians people who says the Bible is just a book offends us as Christians, people who use the name of Jesus as a curse word offends us as Christians....people who dis obey the Bible offends Jesus..... people who worship another God other then God.....offends God ......One thing  I've come to know is people will be people and like it or not that's just the way some is. They rather please them selves and others but not God, and they will state what they think about us as Christians and persecute us and even kill Christians  and tell others all about their belief........... And just like them I won't shut up either I will Keep preaching and serving Jesus.......Jesus is the way not any other way if your told there are other ways you have been lied to...I live I preach and I love Jesus, the message He shared with the world I will share as well and do as Jesus says preach the Gospel, some of you will say well thats the truth for you but it doesn't mean its the truth to someone else........THERE IS ONLY ONE WAY AND ITS FOUND IN THE BIBLE! JESUS IS THE WAY, you cant get to heaven any other way...... and The Bible is Gods Word, the very book we are all judged by......and we need to obey it living in Gods way............ Know the truth and allow the Truth to set you free!

   We are in the day that there is many people who scoff and mock them who preach the Gospel, many nay sayers saying things such as the Bible is just a book......well like it or not the Bible is the LIVING Word, its the very book all will be judged by so you can mock you can scoff you can oppose the Bible and choose to dis obey Gods way but in the end you will wish you listened you will see that the few that tryed to tell you weren't nuts, you will see face to face the very God you said don't exist
but then ...then it will be too late....Today is the day of Salvation....Repent from your sins turn to God and obey His Word while we are still in the time of Our Gods Grace.....there will be a time His Grace and mercy will turn to wrath.....

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